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Rugby Players - Bad Tackle


In 1966 I decorated the Star Rugby Club's annual dance with several large calligraphic drawings of the game, based on newspaper photographs. Bill Woods, my photographer neighbour in the Kings Building Studios, photographed them and last year his negatives were sent to me by the Taranaki Museum. I used the photos to reconstruct some of the drawings as screenprints and am amused and pleased by the result (the original drawings escaped after the dance).

Michael Smither CNZM 2012

On Black Paper:

6 kinds -Bad Tackle – Edition of #25

             -Good Tackle - Edition of #25

             -The Pass – Edition of #30

             -My Ball - Edition of #25

             -The Ruck - Edition of #17

             -Try - Edition of #25

On White Paper:

1 kind - Lineout - 2011 - Edition of #16


On Fabriano Artistico

Size 365 x 260


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