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Flags for Mururoa Atoll



Reproduction of Original Paintings


My friend Maurice Shadbolt joined with other anti-nuclear protesters on an arduous journey to Tahiti.

Unable to go, I designed a series of flags that was my protest against the French testing their atomic bombs in the Pacific. Unconventional, but just as powerful as the Jolly Roger as images go, & very pertinent to the toxic, radioactive fallout our children were exposed to in our babies milk.


Michael Smither CNZM 2018

Editions of 50 each of 4 Kinds

Size 300 x 300

Price $500 Each Kind

#1 Baby Bottle

#2 Baby Bottle in Pink Jug

#3 Baby Bottle & Bottle in Pale Green Jug

#4 Safety Pin, Baby Bottles & Jug



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