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The Sick Rose 3




In the 1970’s I became interested in the poetry of William Blake. One poem in particular, “The Sick Rose”, appealed greatly. At the time I was making large watercolours inspired by dark clouds against wild skies painted over the sharp horizons of Taranaki.

I painted ‘The Sick Rose’ poem on five of these watercolours.

Paintings with words were then considered the exclusive domain of Colin McCahon.

When this work was exhibited Hamish Keith accused me of hitchhiking with Blake. What a privilege!

This set of 5 prints I consider more a restoration than a reproduction, as the colours of the original, done in new fangled acrylics of that era, have faded away.


Michael Smither CNZM 2015


Price $1200.00 or $6000.00 Set of 5


Edition - 40 


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