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Rita Angus Memorial Prints


During my tenure in 1970, as Francis Hodgkins fellow at Otago University, Rita Angus died. I decided to take the central Otago landscape we both enjoyed & introduce it into the cruciform shape as a memorial to her.

I made many drawings and at an early stage decided to extend the idea into a series of 12, relating to the Catholic tradition of the Stations of the Cross.

Some of the earliest drawings were done on a newsprint pad, including in sequence the numbers 1 to 12.

Eventually I abandoned the inclusion of the numbers and completed a series of 12 oil paintings on hardboard cut as crosses.

Recently some of these earlier drawings returned to me for restoration in such bad shape I decided to photocopy them and turn the photocopies into screenprints on good paper.

Michael Smither CNZM 2014

Size 280 x 380

#1 Edition of 19

#2 Edition of 23

#3 Edition of 26

#5 Edition of 18


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